This are the "Top 100-ish" vocabulary words given to you at the beginning of the semester. These are the words, people, and events that are found most often on assessments. It is used as a running vocabulary throughout the semester and you should be writing these definitions down as we go over them.

These notecards (when used) can help you on chapter tests. They ARE NOT, however, everything you need to study. The notecards are people, places, and events that you will almost certainly see on the test.

Below is a link to It has a great page that we have created that can help with studying your Hot Topics, those people, places, and events that seem to keep popping up in class and on tests. Use it.

If you have an ANDROID-based phone (not an i-Phone) you can download KaKa Flashcards (free) and it will put the words straight onto your phone!

If you have an i-Phone, Quizard is a great app ($.99). There is a free app, but you need a G-mail account.